Friday, January 14, 2011


Whatever you do in your career, you may be feeling the equivalent of "writers block". In other words, you are feeling uninspired. Maybe even bored with what you are doing. There is a saying that those who are bored are boring, and that's a choice. It's up to you to find your muse, and to seek out the inspiration to continue along your chosen path. This is simply a temporary roadblock, and one that many people face. If however, you believe you have taken the wrong path, it's time to be decisive and find and alternate route.

Well, as for me, i love what i'm doing right now. Never in my life had i imagine that i'm going to be a photographer one day. Today, here I am, standing tall with my head held high, i'm proud to call myself as a wedding photographer. Serious, studious and committed to whatever responsibilities i take on, i want to be known and respected for this. That doesn't mean, though, i'm not fun to work with. Trust me, i'm a clown. Not that red-nose clown, but a clown clown. You know what i mean, hehe! Put fun in everything you do, you're going to be just fine. Trust me!! Why they say "Life is a Roller coaster"? sebab, roller coaster tu FUN. Fun sampai nak tercabut jantung, turun naik darah. So, tanam dalam kepala, FUN FUN FUN!

Alamak dah subuh!! Solat, and nak short nap skit.. Good morning!! And in case i don't see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night!!

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