Tuesday, October 26, 2010

spine injury kah??

arghhhhhhhhhhhh!! my back, it really really hurt..
what a pain.. sangat sakit sampai tak boleh nak rukuk..
it has been like this for almost a month i think..
kene pegi buat check up.. tapi takut.. ke malas eh??
hehehehe.. tp betol betol sakit.. tak boleh buat banyak kerja..
tapi yg pelik boleh pulak nak berfutsal or berbadminton..
owh tapi bile nak berlari or nak tunduk or nak kutip bola,
ha time tu memang menyengat.. siapa doktor, angkat tangan!!!
someone ada cakap, if dah tak rasa sakit tu, ha masa tu la it getting worse..
owhhhh noooooooooooo!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

There are not enough hours in the day to do everything i have to and want to do..
That's how most people feel, but i think right now it may hitting hard for me..
I like to get everything on my list done, and i can be a bit rigid about it..
I have to choose the most important commitment and concentrate on those,
especially the things that bring me pleasure..
We aint superhuman so come on people, let go any guilt for not being one of those,
and lets getting everything done today.. Do not wasting any more time..

To you out there, if you are feeling oppressed by something now,
gain perspective by thinking of all the big choices you have made for your life recently..

Thursday, October 14, 2010


yes!! it was a very nice date, number what so ever..
but here in malaysia, boleh dikatakan "hari ini dalam sejarah"kot..
why?? because satu kemalangan ngeri berlaku later that evening roughly ard 630pm..
a bus terbabas, kebabommmmm!! 12 people died..
it's horrible, so tragic.. well, a lesson for us, "berhati hati di jalan raya"

anyway, enough about that.. let me bring you to a happy story..
101010, shaik and wahidah dinikahkan tepat at 1010am dgn 3 kali lafaz..
nasib baik tak 10 kali lafaz.. hahahaha.. a very nice wedding..
first time for me to shoot an indian culture kind of wedding..
indian muslim la tapi.. but still, with all the saris, lengga etc etc..
mmg terasa bagaikan dlm cerita bollywood.. huhu..
sgt colourful okay.. meriah gitu.. rasa mcm nak menari hindustan..
the bride and groom ni rasenye suke modelling kot..
senang je nk pose.. hehehe.. patik hanya perlu memetik ja..
hehehehe.. senang senang.. tak la penat otak..
enough say, enjoy a few pics of the day ok..

Monday, October 4, 2010


i need to accept critism in the spirit it was intended as a way to help me improve my life and avoid being taken advantage of.. wahai lana!! just remember, accept someone's guidance!! dont think of advice or evaluations that has been receive today as negative or condescending.. do not let your own insecurity talking!! wakie wakie wakie!!

hye!! that is me, talking to myself.. thee heeee.. anyways, how wa ya?? long time no see huh?? sorry for not updating this blog.. im more into facebook thingamajiggy.. but im back now, and hopefully it's for a long time period.. hehehe..

as for now, no idea what to write!! :p

so, bye bye then!!