Wednesday, July 22, 2009

michael owen!!

all knows right that the man utd's team are in town for their asia tour.. huhu.. well, im not man utd fans, but im owen's fan.. so suddenly, for the past weeks i hv been transformed to owen mode.. hehehe.. im having so much fun, sneaking around the hotel looking for him, but i keep on bump into other players, not owen.. haihssssss.. well anyway, managed to get his autograph though.. berebut2 mcm haram.. he's so cute, sangat sangat.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! later on i'll tell u guys more about my owen hunting experience ya.. hehehe.. for the moment, enjoy the pics..
with macheda!! cool mannnn!!

shafiq, shamim and me with nick coppack!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


pergh, last weekend sangat banyak wedding.. some of it as a guest and some of it as 'orang penting'.. snap snap la ape lagi kn.. huhu.. luckily im into weddings, so no stress at all.. got makan2 some more, apa nak bising kn.. hehehehe.. ya ya, i know, need to control myself.. but hey, i've lost 4 kilos in 10 days.. cool huh.. thee heeee.. i eat like usual, banyakkkkkk, and i go for badminton-ing and do some exercise, that's it.. waalaaaaaaaaaaa..

anyways, here some pictures for you to see.. especially farra.. yes farra, you.. hahaha.. iera will definitely kill me for posting her pics.. ala iera, sikit jek.. thee heeee!! owh owh, farra nak tau tak, iera malu2 tangkap gambar dgn haikal, especially pose manja2.. hahahahaha!! one more thing, she cried mase family dia nak blk mase kt side haikal tu.. menangis betul2, not just sikit2 but betul2 teresak2.. padahal shah alam and ttdi tu not that far la kn.. kihkihkih..

Sunday, July 5, 2009


about the previous post, scratch that!!
im so proud of myself and sangat la happy dengan keadaan skrg..
biasa la tu, sometimes otak pusing pusing jugak..

off to sleep.. taratatata.. buhbye!!