Monday, June 29, 2009

so much to say!!

life is funny isnt it?
just when you think you've got it all figured out,
get excited about it and feel like
you know what direction you're heading in,
the paths change, the signs change,
and you're lost..
there aren't many sure things in life,
but one thing i do know is that you have to deal
with the consequences of your actions..
sometimes i do wonder and always question myself,
what have i ever had to do in my life that really needed to be done?
i always had a choice, and i always took the easy way out..
people who were at school with me
are out tasting what the world has to offer,
and i'm just me, wondering what i have got myself into..
i need to be independent..
it's time for me to grow up..
i need to pick myself up and stop feeling sorry for myself..
life is hard, so what?
it's hard for everyone, isn't it?
anyone who says it's easy is a liar..
aint complaining over here..
just that, it always popped in my head,
what if i took the right turn instead of left,
am i an engineer right now, or an architect perhaps?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dear Cik Penat, now u can go away ya!!

on june 13th, berlangsung lah majlis kawen ejaz & aishah, majlis menyambut menantu org kata.. hopefully safarianz clan happy sepanjang di kuala lumpur nie.. to friends and family, thank you very much for all the help, secara langsung or tak langsung..

a day after that, got makan2 at our house, so saja lah combine tgkp gmbr konon2 adik beradik baru.. ha amek ko, ramai eh.. come come, pilih pilih pilih.. eh, can not!! :p

mr groom and mrs bride with maks ayahs!! main pandang pandang jeling jeling pulak.. kihkihkih.. cool parents ever.. for sure la anak akan ckp cam gini kn.. hehehe!!

Qaisara aka Tita, kene timbun with the door gift's boxes.. kesian!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

last week on june 6th, 2009 i went to kota tinggi, johor for capturing hajar n jef's wedding.. as usual, people will always ask me dis kind of question, "awak ni tgkp gmbr dh lama ke??, awak ni tgkp gmbr ade sijil ke??, awak ni tgkp gmbr nmpk mcm pro, tp perempuan boleh ke tgkp gmbr?? etc.. usually, i just keep quiet and smile but this time ini mulut sgt la celupar and counter attack balik.. i straight away say, "yg awak ni tanye saye, mulut tu ade sijil ke??".. ya ampun, sorry to the max, really am.. aduh, terus kakak tu blah.. before balik tu, i approach that person and buat muka seposen, mintak maaf byk2 sbb tercelupar skit.. luckily, she's cool enuff to forgive me.. a bit shocked with my answer, she says.. huhu..

saya buat photography ni sbb saya suka.. sangat sangat suka.. tolonglah jangan downkn saya boleh tak?? kihkihkih.. naaaaaaahhhhh, me dont mind actually.. sebab saya tau saya bagus.. hahahaha.. gila berlagak aku neh.. no la, kite kn sama sama perempuan sama sama melayu, jgn lah cam gitu.. kecik hati nie.. hehehe..

btway, about si pengantin.. adoiyai, time nie lah pulak nk bergado laki bini.. hahaha.. well, beauty of photography, itu gado2 tarak nampak dalam gambar.. hehehe.. oh oh, forgot to tell, i went there with ain, kak pah and ain's cousin..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Selamat Kawen-Kawen!!

from KL-Sgpore then back to KL.. banyaknye org kawennnnnnnnnn!!to my brother muhamad jazlan, happy newlyweds.. kami semua tak percaya ejaz dh kawen, yeaaaaaaaaaaa!! what la you, people get married pakai inai, u tak mau.. rugiiiiiii!!a day before the akad nikah, kami bershopping.. alang alang, first day sale plak tu, ape lagiiiiiii.. redahhhhhhh.. bought my self a lacoste and an adidas shoes.. dats me, looks for the sports stuff mostly.. thee heeee.. thx to the photographer, Ghafur from GAPSTUDIOS and the videographer, Zul and Faizal from CST.. kesian Roslee kene tinggal kt msia.. hehehe.. pukul jek org ptptn tuh.. haha!!

oh oh, bcos on may 31st tu last day registration, so i hv to make a move awal dr yg lain.. u know wat, my sweet loving brother si jafni, he bought me a bus ticket from "ulat tiket".. masyaallah, takut sgt2.. with the air conditioner bocor sane sini, the bus driver cakap sorg2, the worst thing is i dun even know what he membebel about, his language mmg tak phm.. all the way from jb to kl, mmg x boleh tido sbbt akut sgt.. haish.. hari itu dalam sejarah!!